LET’s talk 6 year old molars!!

These permanent teeth are called 6 year old molars because they typically come in around 6 year old – although the age range for normal eruption can be anywhere from 4-8 years old! Some kids will notice them, and some don’t! It can feel like teething for some kids, so be prepared for some headaches, throat pain or chewing discomfort. As the teeth are coming through the gums it can cause redness and swelling.

Children will also start losing teeth around the same time that these molars come in – so there are a lot of changes that happen around this time! All exciting things that happen for our growing kiddos!

Keep in mind that we want to reach the toothbrush back a little further than we were previously used to! Keeping permanent teeth clean is extra important! Once the 6 year old molars are fully erupted through the gums we can put sealants on the chewing surface. Sealants are a protective layer that goes in the pits and grooves of the teeth to make a smooth surface. This prevents food and bacteria from getting caught in the teeth and is a great way to prevent cavities.