Child having happy gas nitrous oxide laughing gas for dental treatment

AKA Laughing Gas, AKA Nitrous oxide

Nitrous oxide is an amazing tool for reducing dental anxiety but it also has many other benefits that make it wonderful for dental patients.The best part is that it has very little effect on the respiratory system and blood pressure, making it safe for most patients.

  • Reduces anxiety – N20 works on the GABA receptors at the spinal cord level for rapid onset
  • Quickly eliminated from the system by inhalation of 100% oxygen (Dr. Hall gives 5 mins of O2 at the end of the procedure so your child walks out of the clinic feeling back to normal)
  • Reduces Gag reflex – one challenge when working in a child’s mouth is activating a gag reflex. N20 reduces the gag reflex by suppressing the CNS
  • Reduces Wiggles – children often struggle with sitting still during long dental procedures. N20 will make your child less wiggly for a procedure, allowing us to complete the work we need to get done that day
  • Raises the pain threshold – N20 works on opioid receptors at the spinal level to make painful stimuli less painful

Talk to your dental provider to get more information and to see if your child is a candidate for laughing gas.