Does your child have “shark teeth” or a “double row” of teeth? DON’T FRET!!

You may notice that your child’s lower front teeth are growing behind their baby teeth. Whilst this may give you “shark teeth” vibes, do not worry as this is very common. What do you do? In most cases, nothing. In the majority of cases, the baby teeth will loosen up over time and fall out naturally. The force of the tongue will push the permanent teeth forward, assuming there is adequate room for this to occur.

Your dentist will evaluate the area and advise you on how long to wait until action is needed. If, after a certain amount of time, the teeth do not naturally exfoliate, your dentist may suggest extraction. The other reason you might want them extracted early would be if your child is experiencing pain and/or is unable to eat properly!

Dr. Hall can advise you on what is best for your child and can’t wait to meet you!!